1905 Miss Hawke’s May Ball Irish Dancer
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Peaseblossom Revival
1908 Babe in the Woods Boy babe
1909 Jack the Giant Killer Gibson Girl, Nell Brinkley, Girl impersonators
A Royal Family Prince Charles Ferdinand Revival
Children’s Dancing Kermess Impersonation of “The Nell Brinkley Girl”
The Prince Chap Claudia, Age 5
A Poor Relation Patch
1910 Old Dutch Little Mime
The Summer Widowers Pacyche Finnegan, Pinkie’s playmate
1911 The Barrier Molly, an Alaskan Child
Little Lord Fauntleroy Cedric Errol Revival
The Never Homes Fannie Hicks, Another Near Orphan
The Seven Sisters Klara, the Youngest Daughter Revival
Mary Jane’s Pa Revival
1912 The June Bride The Holder’s Child
1913 Flood Victim’s Benefit
The Girl with Green Eyes Susie, the Flower Girl
His House in Order Derek Jesson, his son Revival
A Royal Family Prince Charles Ferdinand Revival
The Prince Chap Revival
The Prince and the Pauper Tom Canty and Edward, Prince of Wales
1914 The Prodigal Husband Young Simone
1916 The Dummy Beryl Meredith, the Kidnapper’s Hostage
On Trial His Daughter, Doris Strickland
1917 It Pays to Advertise Marie, Maid at the Martins Revival
Romance Suzette
Just a Woman Hired girl Revival
Mile-a-Minute Kendall Beth
Rich Man, Poor Man Linda Hurst Revival
Alma, Where Do You Live? Germain Revival
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Asia Revival
Within the Law Revival
Pollyanna Pollyanna Whittier, The Glad Girl Revival
1918 Penrod
Dear Brutus Margaret, his daughter
1919 On the Hiring Line Dorothy Fessenden, his daughter
Clarence Cora Wheeler
The Golden Age
1920 Bab Bab
1921 The Wren Seeby Olds
The Golden Days Mary Ann
1922 To the Ladies Elsie Beebe
No Siree!: An Anonymous Entertainment by the
Vicious Circus of the Hotel Algonquin
1923 Loney Lee Loney Lee
1924 We Moderns Mary Sundale, their Daughter
The Dragon
She Stoops to Conquer Constance Neville Revival
Dancing Mothers Catherine (Kittens) Westcourt
Quarantine Dinah Partlett
1925 Caesar and Cleopatra Cleopatra Revival
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney Maria
Young Blood Georgia Bissell
1926 What Every Woman Knows Maggie Wylie Revival
1927 Coquette Norma Besant
1928 Coquette Norma Besant London version
1930 Mr. Gilhooley A girl
Petticoat Influence Peggy Chalfont
1931 The Good Fairy Lu
1933 Mary of Scotland Mary Stuart
1935 Caesar and Cleopatra Cleopatra Revival
Victoria Regina Victoria
1934 What Every Woman Knows Revival
1936 Victoria Regina Victoria Revival
1938 The Merchant of Venice Portia Revival
Victoria Regina Victoria Revival
1939 Ladies and Gentlemen Miss Terry Scott
1940 Twelfth Night Viola Revival
1941 Candle in the Wind Madeline Guest
1943 Harriet Harriet Beecher Stowe
1944 Harriet Harriet Beecher Stowe Revival
1947 Alice-Sit-By-The-Fire Mrs. Alice Grey
Happy Birthday Addie Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play
1948 The Glass Menagerie Amanda Wingfield Revival
1949 Good Housekeeping
1950 The Wisteria Trees Lucy Andree Ransdell
1952 Mrs. McThing Mrs. Howard V. Larue III
1955 Gentleman, The Queens Catherine, Lady Macbeth, Mary and Queen Victoria
The Skin of Our Teeth Mrs. Antrobus Revival
1956 Lovers, Villains and Fools Narrator, Puck and the Chorus from Henry V
The Glass Menagerie Amanda Wingfield Revival
1958 Time Remembered The Duchess of Pont-Au-Bronc Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play (revival)
1958 A Adventure Lulu Specer
Mid-Summer Rose, the Maid Revival
A Touch of the Poet Nora Melody
1960 The Cherry Orchard Lyuboff Ranevskaya Revival
The Chalk Garden Mrs. Maugham Revival
1962 Shakespeare Revisited: A Program for Two Players
1964 Good Morning Miss Dove Miss Lucerna Dove
The White House Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, Edith Wilson, Julia Grant, Leonora Clayton, Mary Todd Lincoln, Mrs. Benjamin Harrison, Mrs. Franklin Pierce, Mrs. Grover Cleveland, Mrs. James G. Blaine, Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Rachel Jackson
1965 Helen Hayes’ Tour of the Far East
1966 The Circle Revival
The School for Scandal Mrs. Candour Revival
Right You Are If You Think You Are Signora Frola Revival
We Comrades Three Mother
You Can’t Take It with You Olga Revival
1967 The Show-Off Mrs. Fisher Tony Award’s Vernon Rice-Drama Desk Award (revival)
1968 The Show-Off Mrs. Fisher return engagement (revival)
1969 The Front Page Mrs. Grant Revival
1970 Harvey Veta Louise Simmons Nominated – Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play(Revival)
1971 Long Day’s Journey Into Night Mary Cavan Tyrone Revival
1980 Tony Award’s Lawrence Langner Memorial Award